Music is gorgeous.
It’s not just that it sounds great, it looks great too.  That is, if the album artwork in your iTunes library is up to date.  If not, you’re faced with those horrible grey disks and a black background, maybe vaguely resembling vinyl (if you’re old enough to remember what that is), but generally just disappointing.
Without the correct album artwork for iTunes, CoverFlow becomes a meaningless display of words.  When it was introduced, it seemed that CoverFlow would be the perfect antidote for not being able to scroll through your record collection digitally, but those black disks make it pointless.
Thankfully, the good folk at TidyTunes have recognised the problem and have come up with the perfect solution.  Tidytunes will scan your iTunes library periodically, and update and correct any missing artwork it finds.  This turns your music collection from a set of boring blac disks, to gorgeous display of some of the most amazing art known to man.
Yes, the cover of Sticky Fingers doesn’t have quite the same appeal when it’s only a picture, but it still looks better than the disk, and server to spark the imagination, which is what it’s supposed to do in the first place.
Music inspires the imagination, and the images that go with the album brings you more of the artist’s intent.  Having a library without these is just not worth it, especially if it can be fixed so easily.
TidyTunes uses a proprietary database that ensure that your whole collection will display correctly.  This is considered a must for all music lovers.  Just have a look at what these reviewers say.  See more at Album Artwork for iTunes

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